Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sat Down a While in Spring's Lengthening Rays

Since our region just below the Canadian border has dipped closer to the sun with March, the afternoons now signal almost-spring, with the sun pulled higher off the horizon. Yet it's been a winter closer to the traditional with an enduring, layered snow pack. This winter may have been making up for the one we skipped last year, which was like a freezing autumn hosting an eerie, dry spring. Lately the daylight of a host of yesterdays in contrasting latitudes reaches through trees both bare and foliate.

I daydream of fishing for lake salmon, an investment of chilly, empty-minded hours with strangers full of secrets on either side of me, and forgo the opportunity to get back to artwork that is about delicate membranes taking full advantage of light. The subject will be a drunken hummingbird, so far just sketched in, but the current focus is an assortment of flowers formed like pouches and bottles. A local greenhouse offered plenty tropical and sub-tropical examples when I was allowed the privilege of a mid-week visit.

The work picks up again in fits and little frenzies in between all the other things there are to do, with new and opposing flower structures to add in though they're all on a theme of choice and satiety. This might be  a metaphor for a lot of us who feel that if our modern circumstances give us the means to try a lot of foods, a lot of travel destinations or other luxuries, our lives will be the fullest by the greatest possible indulgence in all that we could find and afford--even if, in the end, we've fooled ourselves and by a chosen course had led ourselves beyond the point of peril. We are of course time and again fooling ourselves on any number of points, yet most of us in a cyclical manner follow a scheme that seems to have been laid out for us and by us, and we dignify it all the ways we can for the good of ourselves and everyone we hope to nurture.

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