Friday, May 5, 2017

Does Someone Wanna Coax him Out?

It's the beginning of May and we birders still have a lot to look forward to. Yesterday I heard a northern waterthrush in soggy woods by the river within a mile of home.  It's the phrase of momentary music and the debonair image of a bird that always gripped my heart in the presence of birds: even more than most animals they are the utmost subjects of art. That heard bird, a warbler after all, foretokened the 2017 arrival of breeding warblers.

A seasonally recurring bird in watercolor/pencil, seen in fall along the shores of Lake Superior: Calm and a Pipit

Since birders are people of all different kinds of drive and talent, it seems there are various attractions inherent in birds that may trigger any one person's fascination with them. I've known of birders to come from backgrounds as varied as industrial manufacturing, auto repair, law and politics, the military, music, teaching, graphic arts, medicine, the biosciences and the hospitality industry. Some birders are assertive types who will challenge others and campaign against civic wrongs; others are retiring, comparably meek sorts who prefer the company of nature and animals over the rest of us, even if they will turn out to meetings in order to confront disaster. So, out of the cross-section of types described here, why couldn't an invitation be made to Donald Trump to come witness a spring bird migration?

Of course he could turn out to be bored, lacking the eyesight or the will to sort moving birds out of their backgrounds and watch them exhibit the angles of their splendor and so be unable to formulate any idea of a real wild bird about its business. But what if he's never been properly tempted with the opportunity to seize it and make it his own kind of sport? And what do I really know about Donald Trump beyond what I've read, including suggestions that he's got dementia coming on? But if all it would take is a certain kind of appeal to a certain trait in the mind of Donald Trump then would someone who knows him, or knows someone who knows him, try taking him on a field trip? If he could see beauty in a slice of cake, what mightn't he see in a bird that's in motion, especially if he could spot the bird before his companion(s) did. It would give him a personal triumph, which he demands at all costs, from what the articles about him say. Going after new and different birds could stoke his need to pursue a flying quarry worth more, maybe even in his own opinion, than a tiresomely white golf ball on a green, though he'd have to let go of old biases toward getting laid. Of course too he could walk along, or roll if he must, at his own pace, and once coming in from the trail he'd find his day changed and even some kinks loosened up--somehow. At any rate I'm just saying what if... because, in a desperate response to his executive orders, simple measures like this deserve a little considering even if they come from daydreams.

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